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The Department of Strategic Policy, Planning and Aid Coordination (DSPPAC) is the technical office within the Ministry of the Prime Minister that assists and enables the Prime Minister to develop, implement and monitor the vision of the government, and to provide strategic leadership for cross-sectoral policies or programs, for both government and donors. The Parliament of Vanuatu appropriated VT 256,611,005 for 2022 activities for the Department.
The primary mandates of the department comes through the Government Act, particularly Section 5 which gives effect to Chapter 7 of the Constitution by detailing the leadership role of the Prime Minister, as follows:

(1) Strategic policy-planning and significant administrative decisions; (2) Coordinating the activities of Government; (3) Determining the fundamental direction of foreign policy; (4) Ensuring observance of the rule of law in public affairs; (5) Overseeing the implementation of Government policy beginning with the implementation of the CRP; (6) Reviewing the machinery and structure of Government; and (7) Tendering advice to the President.



A Stable, Sustainable, and Prosperous Vanuatu.


To provide strong and transparent leadership in the government, to determine strategic policy directions, ensure effective resource management, and to uphold the Constitution, rule of law and good governance.


Client focus, Result orientation, Efficiency and effectiveness, Focus on Change, Transparency, Accountability, Partnering, Staff Welfare and Development, Respect.

The Staff of the the Department of Strategic Planning, Policy & Aid Coordination, if you wish to contact a staff please click on the photo of the staff concerned to be able to send them an email.


Vanuatu 2030 I The Peoples Plan

Vanuatu 2030 I The Peoples Plan

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