TC Pam

Post Disaster Needs Assessment

Volume A

Summary Report

Volume B

Summary Report

In the aftermath of disasters, affected countries need to invest significant resources to address recovery needs. These should be guided by a comprehensive assessment that estimates damages and losses, and identifies the needs of the affected population. This Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) is the first step towards developing a holistic recovery programme that promotes equity and inclusion.

Sector Assessments



The main purpose of the Recovery Operations Centre (ROC) is to coordinate and collaborate with the Clusters, Sectors, NDMO, PREOCs, Local EOCs, Donors, NGOs, private sector, and other recovery partners on the medium to long-term recovery for TC Harold, COVID-19 and other disasters that have struck Vanuatu. 

Due to the closed borders as a result of COVID19, it is recognised that the Recovery Phase from the current disasters will not be able to utilise international surge teams of disaster/emergency specialists being mobilised to Vanuatu, but instead must rely on in country capacity and resources, tied together with remote partnerships through ICT modes.


The core functions of the ROC will be to bring together these resources and capacity to support recovery by:

  • Working in close cooperation with:
    1. NEOC, PREOCs, Local EOCs, Clusters, and Sectors
    2. DSPPAC’s Sector Analysts, Aid Coordination & Negotiations Unit, and M&E Unit Officers
    3. MFEM’s Expenditure Analysts; Task Force Team on stimulus package for COVID 19; and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Aid Negotiation staff;
  • Ensuring sufficient and high capacity human resources from DSPPAC, Technical Advisors, external contracted staff as needed, and officers temporarily transferred from other GoV agencies as requested and mutually agreed;
  • Providing immediate support for the planning and implementation of Detailed Technical Assessments (DTA) and Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) that captures the Damage & Loss;
  • Collaboratively developing the Recovery Strategies and Recovery Plans;
  • Through the Recovery Plan and PDNA, identifying priorities for recovery support and funding;
  • Supporting funding appeals to the international community, development partners and National and International NGOs/CSOs;
  • Coordinate donor support from FRANZ (France Australia, New Zealand), JICA, GIZ, EU, UN, World Bank, ADB, and other recovery partners;
  • Coordinate funding flows for implementing bodies;
  • Coordinate recovery reporting from all Clusters, Sectors, and Ministries;
  • Provide oversight and coordination for Recovery Phase initiatives working in close cooperation with: MFEM; Provincial governments; Area Councils; Clusters; Sectors; Donor partners; NGOs/CSOs; Private Sector; Public Service and other recovery partners;
  • Provide regular reports to the National Recovery Committee (NRC), and draft Papers for DCO and COM as requested;
  • Finalise Lessons Learned (Recovery Phase) Reports for COVID19 and Cyclone Harold.