1st Summit

Of the People and their Government


The Summit of the People and their Government  

Director General Mme. Cherol Ala Ianna, Ministry of the Prime Minister

The Summit of the People and their Government (SPTG) is the first Summit of the NSDP having been approved through the Council of Ministers and instituted through the Department of Strategic Policy, Planning and Aid Coordination of the Prime Minister's Office. The date of the Summit is from the 25-30th of June 2023. The Summit will mark the half-way point of the journey of making 'sustainable development' a nationally and internationally shared goal.

The conception of the National Sustainable Development Plan or commonly referred to as the People's Plan 2030, has been the first national development agenda that was widely consulted through Government agencies, non-Government entities, private corporations, Community Based Organizations and Civil Societies, pillar representatives and Development partners. It was a plan of the people, by the people and for the people. A plan for a democratically elected government to facilitate its implementation with everyone as partners and stakeholders.

Thus, the Summit will provide a platform for the stakeholders including government, scholars, corporates, youth and thought leaders, civil society representatives from across Vanuatu to revisit and recommit our efforts in implementing our Plan-The People's Plan 2030. The present state of recent planetary and humanitarian crises amidst ongoing threats of extreme weather events, unpredictable tectonic and oceanic activities including political leadership uncertainties call for revisiting the agenda around accelerating an inclusive national action towards the national vision of a 'stable, sustainable and prosperous Vanuatu. Thus, Vanuatu’s first National Planning Summit is organized following the Independence theme of 2023 on 'Resetting' the National Agenda and in anticipation of this year's Independence theme of 'Talem- Mekem Yumi Luk'.

The NSDP has 3 pillars-Society, Environment and Economic. These comprised of a total of 98 policy objectives spread over 15 goals. In actuality, there is a total of 77 indicators and 83 targets in the Social Pillar, 62 indicators and 64 targets in the Environment Pillar and 57 Indicators and 58 targets in the Economy pillar. From July 2021, DSPPAC has been contacting a review of the NSDP along with key partners such as Vanuatu National Statistics Office (VNSO) and implementing Government agencies and partners. The findings of this review will form the basis of the Summit discussions around implementation successes, challenges and recommendations for the next 7 years to ensure we are on target in meeting our Policy Objectives and hence assuring ourselves our collective vision. The main outcome of the Summit will be the People's Accord.

After the Summit, DSPPAC will be contacting a series of planning meetings at the national and provincial level to integrate the recommendations into national and provincial planning documents. These will ensure that government can start prioritizing its development agenda accordingly in accelerating NSDP implementation by 2030.

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