NSDP Review Report


Report 1

This Report presents a five-year progress on selected Headline (outcome) indicators of the NSDP under the three pillars (Society, Environment & Economy). It is a reflect on requirement of both the National Planning Framework (NPF) and National Monitoring & Evaluation Policy (M&E Policy) which mandate that NSDP Review be carried out on a five yearly basis with annual monitoring carried out through the Annual Development Report annually.

Report 2

Report 2 provides the analysis of the key drivers for NSDP effective implementation. It critically examines the implementation of the two major frameworks that facilitate the effective implementation of NSDP- the National Planning Framework (NPF) and the NSDP M&E (Monitoring & Evaluation) framework. It also assesses other elements that contribute to NSDP implementation.

Report 3

This is the audio-visual component of Report 1.

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