TC Lola

National Recovery Plan


Tropical Cyclone (TC) Lola passed over the northern and central provinces of Vanuatu between the 23rd and 25th of October 2023. Affected areas categorized were under three priority areas to provide a general understanding on where the Government response would focus as well as to assist the Government on the development of the National Recovery Plan through the targeting of most affect locations.

The total economic value of the recover cost caused by Tropical Cyclone Lola is estimated to be approximately VUV43, 280,671,271 billion. The sector that sustained the highest level of damage is the infrastructure sector, which accounts for 92 percent of the total recovery cost, followed by the WASH sector, which accounts for 3 percent of the total recovery cost. The assessment carried out to develop the recovery plan did not capture any information on the loss sustained by people. This document has drawn conclusions from the specific sector recovery costs that the largest level of economic losses caused by TC Lola would be in the infrastructure sector.

This National Recovery Plan will serve as a reference document for all TC Lola recovery needs. It will also guide the Government to identify sectors with recovery needs in specific locations and inform on a more detailed recovery programs, plans, and projects that will be developed and implemented by the responsible government ministries in consultation with key stakeholders and the wider community. This recovery plan can also be used for requesting funding from development partners for recovery project implementation.

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